• Block, a bitcoin mining company, is introducing the Mining Development Kit (MDK), which would provide developers access to bitcoin mining projects.
• The MDK will consist of a hashboard, controller board, open-source firmware and reference materials.
• The company is seeking feedback from the community in order to shape what the MDK will be.


Block, a bitcoin mining company, has announced that they are developing their own bitcoin mining semiconductor chips and are considering building the Mining Development Kit (MDK). The MDK would replicate existing Lightning Development Kit and Bitcoin Development Kit projects by providing developers with access to bitcoin mining projects focused on integrating bitcoin mining into various novel use cases.

Components of MDK

The MDK as Block “currently envisions it” would have four components: 1) A powerful, reliable industrial-grade hashboard; 2) A custom controller board designed to work with the hashboard; 3) Open-source firmware, a software API and a web front-end that allows developers to modify key performance parameters of the hashboard; 4) Extensive reference materials and support documentation to facilitate easy customization of the hashboard.

Goals of MDK

The intention behind the MDK is to provide developers with a suite of tools that can help unlock creativity and innovation in bitcoin mining hardware in order to accelerate innovation in the field. Thomas Templeton, Block’s Bitcoin Hardware Lead said that “We want this product to really be inspired by the developers’ feedback.” He also added that if meaningful input can be obtained on ideas like these then both Block and Bitcoin ecosystem will benefit from it.

Feedback Requested

Block is requesting feedback from its community regarding how it can shape what its Mining Development Kit will look like. This feedback can be directed at their email address: mining@block.xyz. In addition, they have promised further updates on this project over coming weeks and months as well.


In conclusion, Block is introducing its Mining Development Kit which could provide developers access to innovative uses for Bitcoin mining hardware. The development kit consists of four components – an industrial grade hashing board along with custom software for modifying key performance parameters such as open source firmware, software API and web front end interface accompanied by extensive reference material for easy customization of hashing boards. Furthermore they are seeking communal feedback in order build up this project so both Blockchain’s ecosystem as well as Bitcoin ecosystem benefit from it too!