The Spanish informal restaurant network, Rodilla, launched a new concept in its e-commerce which seeks to improve the experience of its consumers.

Faced with the future that lurks, and because of the crisis we live, Rodilla has modernized its e-commerce, now developing around the new digital needs that arise because of the rapid changes in habits that have been occurring during this year. The informal restaurant chain seeks to improve 100% user experience. This has been pointed out through a press release.

The new e-commerce website has a more rejuvenated image and aligned with its market. This strategic proposal has been implemented to improve 100% the user experience given the increase in traffic that the Rodilla website has experienced in recent months. Following post-pandemic consumer trends, which is much more digitized and informed.

The impact of Bitcoin Profit has marked a turning point in e-commerce. The digital channel has been the lifeline for many sectors and the engine of the economy in full confinement, for many. However, for others, unfortunately, the virus caught them on the wrong foot, and now they face the challenge of accelerating their digital transformation to remain relevant in a market where new user profiles have emerged and habits and behavioural patterns have changed.

In this context, Ángel Fernández, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Rodilla, states that: “At Rodilla we believe in the need to continue adapting to the constant changes that have taken place in recent months, such as the increase in delivery and take away. Our commitment to the launch of this new, more dynamic and innovative e-commerce platform is to promote an outstanding customer experience”.

During the pandemic 2.2 million new users are using delivery

However, according to data from the consultancy firm Kantar, 2.2 million new users have joined the delivery trend since the confinement. In addition, there has been an increase in the age range of requests and a diversification of the profiles of those requesting the service, which highlights the need for a more integrated and intuitive service for Rodilla’s consumers.

This means that e-commerce experienced extraordinary growth in confinement and continues to rise. Therefore, chains like Rodilla must adapt in order to continue to stand out in the marketplace. The challenge now is to address increased data and security.

Safety as a priority

However, this is another of the actions established by the plan for adaptation to the new normality adopted by Knee. The company has not only made sure to incorporate measures so that both employees and customers can live together safely in the restaurants, but has also encouraged the consumption of its products from home and free of contact thanks to its delivery options from Rodilla’s website or through its usual operators: Glovo and Uber Eats.

Since the reopening of its restaurants in May, Rodilla has also introduced integral packaging, as well as single-use kitchenware and precautionary measures in addition to the communication of these in all the restaurants.

In short, the fact that chains such as these are seeking to adapt more and more to digitalisation is an indication that the processes can be improved. Adapting to the new changes and habits that are emerging during this year with the aim of improving the consumer experience.

What is knee?

Rodilla has been the informal, artisan, healthy and quality restaurant chain since 1939. Founded thanks to the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of Antonio Rodilla, it has 155 restaurants throughout Spain which are a meeting point for all citizens.

The chain is completely oriented towards the needs of the consumer, with varied, handcrafted products, made at the point of sale on a daily basis, healthy and of the highest quality. The brand, focused on a firm commitment to the places where it is present and to its employees and suppliers, is part of Grupo Rodilla (100% owned by Grupo Damm), which includes other benchmark chains in the catering sector such as Café de Indias or Cafés Jamaica.