A historic record for Bitcoin was set today, when the market’s leading cryptomoney reached 24K and the market is in the green.

A historic record for Bitcoin was set during this December 19th. The price of the leading crypto currency continued its recent growth. Setting a new historical high of USD 24,122.67 before falling to USD 23,978.86, a 5% increase on the day.

The record price for Bitcoin comes two days after the BTC first crossed the $23,000 mark. Bringing profits to the main market cryptos.

With the latest price increase, Bitcoin’s percentage gains to date have increased to over 225%. The markets continue to surprise on the weekend trading.
Kraken announced that it will integrate BTC deposits and withdrawals via Lightning Network in 2021

The well known Kraken crypt coin exchange, announced yesterday new investments. And, upcoming features designed to bring the benefits of the Bitcoin Lightning Network to your global exchange.

Based on BTC’s Blockchain technology, the Lightning Network is designed to help the escalation of the world’s largest cryptomoney. And allow you to process millions of transactions per second. As many already know, Lightning allows you to complete exchanges at a lower cost and with greater speed.

Says the Kraken team:

“In 2021, we are committed to hiring a team that focuses specifically on Lightning Network, as part of our ongoing effort to provide the best possible experience for traders and investors. We hope to enable customers to withdraw and deposit Bitcoin on Lightning in the first half of 2021, which will allow customers to move their Bitcoin instantly and at the lowest rates.
Bitcoin at $100,000? These traders will accept that bet

Deribit users can bet that the flagship cryptomone, BTC will reach USD 100,000 through option contracts that expire on September 24, 2021. The high strike price was set after an increase in daily trading volumes.

In option trading, a strike price is the value that can be bought or sold on a derivative contract when it is exercised.

Deribit processed 754,123 BTC option contracts in November, according to marketing material that appeared on Twitter on Thursday.

The exchange is currently listed as the 10th largest derivatives exchange on CoinMarketCap, or CMC.

Meanwhile, cryptomoney data analysis provider Skew reported Thursday that Deribit is the largest derivatives market for Bitcoin trading. The firm also said that daily options trading at BTC exceeded $1 billion for the first time.

Immutable Privacy Protocol Based on Ethereum Proposes Governance System

Tornado.Cash, the Ethereum’s blending service that earlier this year implemented smart, completely unalterable contracts, proposed a governance system powered by its own TORN tokens.

According to a December 18 release, the proposal will put the management of the protocol in the hands of its user community.

An initial distribution of 10 million TORNs will be divided among the first users and developers. A treasury DAO and anonymous miners over the course of the next five years.